Monday, May 09, 2005

New MP3s: A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is, and more

Considering how little I do and have done with my life, it's kind of remarkable that the time to do proper updates on the site still somehow eludes me. Anyway...added the following MP3s to the recordings section ("the wires"):

"all the rowboats"
Unreleased song (title unknown), performed at Hotel Cafe (Hollywood, CA) on January 26, 2005 (thanks again to Jenn and Keith) As far as I know, this show was the song's debut performance.

Ode to Divorce
Song from Soviet Kitsch, performed at the Knitting Factory (NY) on September 9, 2004 (with Chris Kuffner on bass and Ben Kalb on cello) By request of Ben the Cellist's Mom (that is, the mother of Ben the Cellist, not the cellist's mom named Ben), although not from the same show.

Chemo Limo
Song from Soviet Kitsch, performed at Sidewalk Cafe on November 30, 2002 I'm pretty sure this is the first public performance of this oft-requested but rarely-played song (first time I heard it, anyway)

A Lesson in How Fleeting Preservation Is
Unreleased song, performed at the Living Room on May 15, 2002 Regina almost always places a disclaimer in front of this song to the effect of "this next one's kind of weird"...what's weirder is that I recall she had jet black hair done up in a bun at this show. The significance of this, I don't know. Or perhaps I dreamt it all.