Wednesday, April 15, 1970

Silly Eye Color Generalizations

Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (fan transcription):
there are those boys with earthly eyes
their eyes are like the ground
you walk and walk, kicking up dirt
but they don't make a sound
and when they kiss you they sometimes leave them open
just to make sure you don't drop
yeah, the sweetest eyes, the truest eyes
are probably dark brown

there are those boys with golden hazel eyes
the color of weak tea
they spend the nights howling at the moon
to let go of the sea
the scope of their depth is terrifying, thrilling
you think you're finally free
when they capture you, cause golden eyes are as sticky as
honey from a bee

I'm drowning

but those with blue I shouldn't trust
cause I myself have blue
you fall for them so easy
you think you see right through
you take a leap thinking blue water is deep
when suddenly it's just gray rain
then puddles at your feet
will freeze to dirty ice
but summon them back up to clean salty blue water once again

blue eyes they change like the weather
blue sea, blue sky, blue paint
I wouldn't trust my own blue-eyed reflection
as far as I can throw that mirror

but these are just silly eye color generalizations
you shouldn't believe a word I've said
cause when you're lying in your bed
darkness round your head
your eyes might as well be polka-dotted or plaid
polka-dotted or plaid

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