Thursday, August 27, 1970


Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (fan transcription):
my eyes are bifocal
my hands are subjointed
I live in the future
in my pre-war apartment
and I count all my blessings
I have friends in high places
and I'm upgraded daily
all my wires without traces

hooked into machine...
I'm hooked into...machine...

I collect my moments
into a correspondence
with a mightier power
who just lacks my perspectives
and who lacks my organics
and who covets my defects
and I'm downloaded daily
I am part of a composite

hooked into machine...
I'm hooked into...machine...

everything's provided
consummate consumer
part of worldly taking
apart from worldly troubles
living in your pre-war apartment
soon to be a post-war apartment
and you live in the future

and the future
it's here
it's bright
it's now

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