Thursday, October 22, 1970

"I cut off my hair" (title unknown)

Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (fan transcription):

I cut off my hair
and went to sleep
you were there in my dreams
nursing on my glass teet
it was a party
you were sucking liquor
on your jacket a VIP sticker...

I peed in my pants
and ran down the street
towards washington square park where
you had been beat up
you were wearing rags
I was wearing [?] shoes
and trying to lay next to you
but you wanted to snooze

the definition of
a crazy person is
soemone who does the same thing over
and over again
while expecting new results
I cut off my tongue
you started to kiss me
blood trickled down
don't you ever miss me?
don't you ever miss me?
don't you ever minced meat?...

called up my momma
but I couldn't be sweet
so I escaped through the window
on a rope made of sheets
got bitten by a squirrel
then stepped on a syringe
the view of manhattan from gw bridge

you said, honey
I said, baby
you said, funny
I said, maybe
you says, hi honey
I says, hey baby
you ask, was it funny?
and I said, well maybe...

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