Sunday, December 20, 1970


Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (fan transcription):
December starts on Sunday, next Sunday
won't you feel happier then?
turn your room upside down, turn your down upside

rumors have started that you are in love again
rumors that are completely unsubstantiated

come on and say you're sorry, real sorry
for the trouble that you've caused
can't you see all this love? can't you see all this love?

we are not evacuating this house
we don't believe in you and your wrecking crew...
we don't believe in you, we don't believe in you...


Unknown said...

i think it's "Turn your frown upside down,

Tall Jim said...

Hmm don't think it is Carlos. I think its a nutty reflection of the line before:

turn your room upside down
turn your down upside room(ors)...

Just listened to it for the first time this week and its lovely!

Tall Jim

Abby J. said...

Tall Jim is right. You hear frown because that's what you're expecting when you hear the song. However, it's definitely room.

Anonymous said...

its frown