Sunday, January 10, 1971


Written by: regina spektor

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Lyrics (fan transcription):
I met Mata Hari
She was in no hurry
The firing squad had their guns in the air
My invitation said bring your own shovel
I brought my own shovel, BYOS
Bring your own shovel and shovel up the mess

Lately all my friends
clip their teeth with nail clippers
they want them much straighter, much nicer, more even
Well I thought I’d do somehting nasty as well
I brought my own shovel, dug up this here well
then I shuffled my feet and I sniffed at the smells
then I dropped in some horses and dropped in some sheep
then I cuddled up a grandma, put her in there to sleep
then I licked off the envelope, in it I sent all
the bones and the phones and the braids from my hair

Uh-huh…and darling, I’m all shook up now
Uh-huh…baby, I’m all shook up now
Uh-huh…darling I’m all shook up

Bring your own shovel…BYOS…

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