Wednesday, April 06, 2005

[FIXED] New MP3s: Hero of the Story, Bartender, and more

Added the following MP3s (all from the Bowery Ballroom show on March 30, 2005) to the recordings section ("the wires"):

Hero of the Story & Bartender
Two unreleased songs (with Chris Kuffner on bass and Ben Kalb on cello for Hero of the Story)

"begin to hope"
Unreleased song (title unknown)

Time Is All Around
Unreleased song

Unreleased song (title unknown)

Hotel Song
Unreleased song (with Chris Kuffner and Ben Kalb on backing vocals)

Your Honor
Song from Soviet Kitsch (with Chris Kuffner on bass, Ben Kalb on cello, Elliot Jacobson on drums, and Andy Graziano on guitar)

A higher quality source for this show may surface in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Dear Srg,
Thanks so much for making the March 30th Bowery songs available. We're eagerly waiting for the better sound quality versions next! How about posting Ode to Divorce from that show too- my favorite...
Ben the cellist's Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having this site. It makes me giddy with happiness right down to my toes. Thank you.
Regina rules the pool.

Anonymous said...

Hello srg.

I am not completely anonymous, I am indeed
'odd pink fabric' from

Thanks from my heart for your site
and all of your hard work --- truly
appreciated. By the way there is no fabric like odd pink fabric.