Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New MP3s: The Bronx, and more

Where have I been? Got any what? Sorry for the radio silence, guys, but I've had supply problems of every kind, I've had labor difficulties...what's so funny?

Added the following MP3s to the recordings section ("the wires"):

Ghost of Corporate Future
Song from Soviet Kitsch, performed at the Housing Works Used Bookstore Cafe on October 15, 2004 (with Chris Kuffner on bass and Ben Kalb on cello) This setlist staple gets a makeover, as Regina ditches the piano completely.

"the clocks were asleep"
Unreleased song (title unknown), performed at Tonic on October 3, 2003 To the best of my knowledge, this is the first and only performance of this song--itself the source of one of the more nervous-chuckle-inducing of my cubicle dressings ("the gentleman giving the power presentation felt the bayonet scar on his shoulder reopen, a warm trickle of blood through his fresh-pressed shirt")

Unreleased song, performed at Sin-é on May 31, 2003 This is the debut performance of this song, with backing vocals from Regina's friends Katie and Anya (sp?), capturing the almost accidental genesis of the whole audience-participation thing.

The Bronx
Unreleased song, performed at Barbès on May 11, 2003  Uh...I can't think of anything to say about this's cool...and, uh, short...

Thanks to everyone for the kind words, and I'm sorry I haven't cleared the cobwebs around here in a while...soon...

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Chris Garneau, whose show I stumbled upon quite accidentally not long ago, and who quite coincidentally is also a piano-playing singer-songwriter who plays with Ben Kalb. I haven't heard much yet, but he sounds interesting. So don't say I never hipped you to anything cool.


Jenn S. said...

Chris is a friend of mine, and has been since we were all in that big social circle that somehow, magically, had Regina as the lowest common denominator... chris is amazing, and his new recordings are incredible. So I've been hip to it for a while. ;)

Also, why aren't you answering my emails, man? What a punk. :P We need Russian diner food and misery soon. And cigarettes. Ah, yes.

srg said...

Crap--I sometimes forget that I have an email account. Or 5. I'm almost afraid to check now and see how many people I've alienated in the last few weeks. D'oh!

But if it's misery you want, then I'm your man...(wanders over to gmail)...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know how else to contact the owner of this site, so sorry that this comment's kinda in the wrong place. I was looking at the lyrics collection, and in 'Bobbing For Apples' the line is:
'I'm dating Jack Daniels and calebs with miss nicotine'

or, that's just what I reckon, anyway