Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Live at Bull Moose

Ain't No Cover
Carbon Monoxide
Pound of Flesh
The Noise
My Man
Released in September 2005; Regina's liner notes say it all:
Now in case you were wondering, these five songs, and a bunch more, were performed live by me, regina spektor, at Bull Moose (a record store) in Portland, ME, on June 5, 2005.

This EP was recorded special for a chain of Independent Music Stores across the country as a thank you for supporting my music. A grand piano was rolled into the store and placed between the Reggae and the Country music sections. Mr. Johnny Cash himself spent the whole time staring over my right shoulder, and to tell the truth, it felt good. They even let me take that record home when it was all over and done.

And the people who came were real sweet, and sat on the floor and hushed and listened... so we dimmed the lights and broke out the good silver. Enjoy.

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