Sunday, November 27, 2005

When they ask you, What's your church?, you say, I dance

Since you've already cleared out a shelf for all things Regina, please be advised that there's a short piece in the current issue of Heeb:
"There is no real 'I' in my music," Spektor continues. "An actor can take up any role and win an award for it. However, a musician can sing from the perspective of a wife-beater and suddenly that musician is inciting violence." Spektor takes another bite of her muffin and looks up, exclaiming, "Wow, this muffin is really amazing."
The item refers to her label as Record Collection (a different cog in the WB conglomerate) , but I'm chalking that one up to a slacking intern fact-checker. R.I.P. Chris Whitley, and thank you.

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Anonymous said...

thank you regina my girlfriend i mean my half. really like your song "SAMSON & FIDELITY" thank you for creating that song she began to smile when she hear that song! im thankfull for that! always takecare... god bless...

every :)