Sunday, January 08, 2006

I can't imagine why, but I feel like dancing

Crimson hooks it up again, by way of his man on the West Coast, name of Distortion:

26 January 2005, Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles
Pound of Flesh
Carbon Monoxide
"all the rowboats" First (and only? my mind is going) performance of this song
Poor Little Rich Boy
Bobbing for Apples
That Time


Shawn said...

Thanks again SRG! Hope all is well and that your cleaning is moving along nicely.


Positive this is not the only performance of "All the Rowboats". And i am half sure that i have another recording of it at home. Not at all sure the date on it. She definatley played it at the Philadelphia's show in the NorthStar. great song though either way.


Thank you Srg, Keith and our west side taper for all your work and thought.


Uh Oh, the Brumstick is not working for me. Any one else havin a problem? I hope its just my computer and not the site being renovated again and losing everybodies postings.


Anonymous said...

I think it's your computer because the brumsticks work with me!

I hope they work soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I was at this show, and as always it was amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Have any of y'all heard Regina's performance on NPR's 'The Next Big Thing,' which was recorded in April of 2005? On it, she claims that she wrote "The Breaks" (aka "Fidelity") the previous night and really hopes that she can remember it 'cause she really WANTS to remember it. And here's this performance recorded at the Hotel Cafe in LA in January 2005 with that exact same song. Come on, Regina. Integrity, my dear. Integrity.

srg said...

Nice detective work there...except that The Next Big Thing was recorded and originally broadcast in January 2005.

If you're going to be patronizing, at least have a fucking clue, my dear. Have a fucking clue.

Anonymous said...

Language, my dear srg. Language.

steph o knee said...

if anyone has a copy of mermaid, pleaaase let me know.
steph o knee

Anonymous said...

if anyone has any sort of recognizable copy of Paris it would be reallly really great if you could send it to me.

i may just love you forever.