Thursday, June 01, 2006

2006-06 NY | BBC Radio 1 - The Blue Room

Date uncertain 

FLAC version 

Regina Spektor,  acoustic session for  BBC Radio 1.
Programme: 'the blueroom'.
Apparently the tracks were recorded in Regina Spektor's apartment in New York.
File size: 83.1MB.
Recorded time: 12Minutes 27Seconds.
Lineage: FM Tuner-CoolEdit-Flac-JetAudio (compression 4).
The tracks were broadcast on separate days, 'love affair' was repeated in separate broadcasts so  I've included it twice as reception is never a constant.
I've seen Regina Spektor live twice now and rate her highly, definitely someone worth catching live on stage.
Taxi TA.

01. Intro
02. Chelsea Hotel (L. Cohen).
03. Outro
04. Intro
05. Love Affair (first broadcast)
06. Intro
07. Love Affair (second broadcast)
08. Sailor Song

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