Saturday, June 20, 2009

possible leakage

Wednesday, June 17th
Regina kicks off her series of summer shows with a phee-nomenal show at the Beacon Theatre, featuring the live debuts for several songs from far, along with the previously unheard bonus track "Riot Gear" and the devastating "Ink Stains". The ushers haven't finished wiping the drool from my armrest before recordings are posted by both nyctaper and RespektOnline.
Thursday, June 18th
NPR begins streaming the new album in a bid to thwart the hackers. In related news, my biggest thrill remains that one time Björk brushed up against me at the Screening Room on Canal. ::sigh::
Friday, June 19th
Regina visits with John Schaefer at WNYC and plays "Laughing With", "One More Time with Feeling", & "Man of a Thousand Faces".
Saturday, June 20th
"[I have] daily arguments with myself...and I win" -- Regina confronts schizophrenia in a BBC interview (skip ahead to the 1:06 mark).
Sunday, June 21st
The Sunday New York Times reports that Jeff Lynne thinks "Regina’s music is high-class, bizarre and beautiful" and David Byrne is "a fan of Regina’s". I think those guys might be onto something.

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Roth Welles said...

ty for the BBC Interview link. do you know if there is any way to record /extract her interview there ?