Monday, September 28, 2009

Carefully Laid Wires, Remembering It

Thursday 9/24 marked Regina's second performance of the unreleased song tentatively titled "Carefully Laid Plans" by the community, but known only as "Solo Song" on the set list.  This mysterious new track was captured in Philly in listenable quality for the first time, and is now available here, along with the rest of the show.  Also included is a quick rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Jack Dishel of past Regina openers Only Son and Little Joy.

2009-09-24 Philadelphia, PA | Electric Factory

The Calculation
Folding Chair
Ode to Divorce
Laughing With
One More Time With Feeling
Two Birds
Blue Lips
On The Radio
Dance Anthem of the 80s
Bobbin' for Apples
That Time
Apres Moi
Carefully Laid Plans
The Wallet
Man of a Thousand Faces
Happy Birthday
Hotel Song
Love You're a Whore


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this clip yet? Canadian Idol winner Theo Tams performing Samson, and it is gorgeous.

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for posting!
This is such good news for reginitis didn't live in U.S. or EU.
Thanks again! I really appreciate that~