Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Soviet Kitsch

Survival Guide... booklet cover
Ode to Divorce
Poor Little Rich Boy
Carbon Monoxide
The Flowers
Sailor Song
Your Honor
Ghost of Corporate Future
Chemo Limo
Vinyl-only Bonus Tracks:
Scarecrow & Fungus
Regina's 3rd LP was initially released in fall 2003 by Shoplifter Records (co-producer Gordon Raphael's label) and sold in slimline CD packaging while Regina was supporting the Strokes on the U.S. leg of their Room on Fire tour; Shoplifter gave the record a formal, limited UK release (in full CD jewel-case packaging) in April 2004.

Regina signed with Sire Records in spring 2004, and the album was reissued in slim cardboard (babypak) packaging that fall. Sire formally released the record in March 2005, repackaged with a bonus DVD of The Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch EPK and the Us music video. A vinyl release followed in summer 2005, including 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks (likely culled from sessions either in December 2001 or December 2002, or both).

The Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch was originally distributed (to press and some fan contest winners) in Fall 2004 as 40-page softcover booklet packaged with the CD and DVD. Regina described it at the time:
Also- The "Survival Guide to Soviet Kitsch" is now printed and beautiful and done! It is a zine type book, full of London tour photos, press clippings, and crazy typewritten goodness (i bought an old typewritter in the east village and fell in hardcore love with it!) All hand made by me, Adria Petty- the lovely and amazing young woman who shot the videos in London and made a DVD that comes with the Survival Guide, and Sonya Kashuto- a rad brooklynite, who is helping me rework my website... All this stuff took tons of hours to make, lots of scissors and glue action, and a bit of beer as well... I will have a bunch with me at the shows, and i'll try to give some away through the website for the faraway people...
Prior to Regina's signing with Sire, the album was also available from CD Baby; below is the item description that appeared on the site:
Songs about sleeping, kissing bloody lips, books, love, sailors, mothers, carbon monoxide... Featuring- Piano, Strings, a drum stick and a punk band, as well as a couple of glasses being smashed next to really expensive microphones... Have fun...


Ok- the 3rd record by mizz Regina Spektor, Bronx girl via russia, and called "Soviet Kitsch" is done. Made down town on the Lower East Side NYC, and in London too. Mr. Gordon Raphael ( producer of The Strokes, and Mr. Alan Bezozi (drummmer for such bands as Dogs Eye View, They Might Be Giants, Freedy Jonston, etc...) co-produced it. It was a short time being born, and a long time being put out... that's rock'n fock'n roll for ya.

Regina just came off a tour opening for The Strokes in America... Now she is going on a UK and European tour opening for The Kings of Leon. she says "Hi!"... and walks away, humming.

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i've been looking for "survival guide to soviet kitsch" cause i deleted it from my pc, but it's not on regina's website.

could you help me with this PDF file, (maybe by email)

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